Friday, August 31, 2012

How to corner mount a CCTV security camera

In one of our recent blog post we went over how to install a security camera to a pole . One of our good installation contractors wanted to know if we offered a mount for the corner of a building.

For corner mounting you'll want the Arlington Industries part number 8161CB. This is a non-metallic mount and UV rated for long outdoor life. You can also install these mounts for indoor applications and excellent for dry, damp or wet locations. If your camera diameter is smaller then 4.5 inches use Arlington's SC5 CAM-KIT on top of the box.

Let's get a better look at this mount from our YouTube Channel .

After watching the video you found out you can also mount floodlights, electrical accessories or just about anything with the screw pattern of a standard 4 inch fixture box.

Corner and pole mounting are some of the most common installation problems and with these options for this kind of installation Arlington Industries nailed it. Order the 8161CB online.

Any other security camera installation questions? Comment below.


"By Mercy Salinas"