Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to Pole Mount Security Cameras and Flood Lights

Over the past eight years of selling security cameras and providing surveillance solutions, one of the most common problems in executing a correct and timely installation is pole mounting your new cameras.

There is still a disconnect on this issue from the manufactures end. They only provide camera installation mounts for the most common camera location installations. Recently a camera manufacture mentioned to me,

"Because locations on, in or around a facility can very so much it's hard to invest in a design for every conceivable location the end user wants for their camera. We're just concerned that our ROI for many different mounts would take forever." - Undisclosed Camera Manufacture

I understand their point of view but certain installation locations at the end users facility have been a common enough problem over the past 5 years to the point they should offer a solution. This seems to be a niche to where a manufacture can offer a solution to the end user and may help to be a preferred camera brand for the installation contractor.

A common installation problem - Pole Mounting! (Check out Blog post for Corner Mounting).

Because this has been such a common problem a company who manufactures no cameras and sells no cameras has identified this as excellent opportunity in providing another installation solution to their contractor customers.

Arlington Industries offers a pole mount box that fits on a rigid pipe that is three to six inches in diameter. Not only can you attach a security camera but you can install detectors, electrical accessories, flood lights and so on.


The Arlington 8161PM will hold up to 50 pounds and is made of a non-metallic, UV rated material for long outdoor life. Excellent for interior, exterior, dry, damp or wet locations.

I've been asked for a pole mount solution for a long time and finally, I can offer a solution that also works with many different brands of cameras.

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"By Mercy Salinas"