Friday, August 10, 2012

Cable management for a residential structured wiring installation

For several years now we've been offering structured wiring products for home network installations and one of the most common problems is finding some kind of cable retainer to manage a wide selection of cables, the ability to mount on different surfaces and to be opened and reopened for many years to come.

An excellent solution for this type of installation is the CATCR50. It can be easily installed on walls, studs, racks, ceilings, beams and basically anywhere else in your home. You can also mount it vertically or horizontally making it very versatile and has rounded edges to avoid over bending and kinking of cables.

The locking part of the CATCR50 is patented, the locking teeth are easy to open and close allowing for cable to be added quickly and easily. It's UL listed and complies with the National Electric Code.

Let's get a better look at it from our YouTube Channel

Designed for use with cat5e cable and higher, fiber to the home cable, coaxial cable and can also be installed in commercial applications with its plenum rating. Easy to install, just use nails or screws.

I think you'll find this an easy to install and flexible solution for your home cable management, and the pricing on the CATCR50 rules!

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"By Mercy Salinas"