Friday, August 3, 2012

Wire and Cable cut per foot by Discount Low Voltage

Wiring and cabling installations are hard work and can vary greatly based on the location of your cable pull. Figuring out what type of cable will work for your application seems to be half the battle, now you must chose the best pathway.

For example if you have a building to building installation you may have to use a ditch witch and direct bury an armored cable.

Maybe you have a cable run from the 9th floor to the 22nd floor. Do you need a plenum rated cable? Do you have to run it in innerduct? Can you use a interlocking armor cable? You might want to double check the National Electric Code for your building as codes vary from city to city. understands that having the cable your looking for is half the battle but we also must be able to support your installation in a timely manner.

Our reeling and coiling machinery allows us to better support your installation in a few ways.

1) Cable is cut per foot saving you money. Why buy a 1000 foot reel if you only need a 340 foot piece.

2) Our machinery in house allows us to get your cable shipped to you fast!

3) No cut charge. Manufactures can cut cable but typically a cut charge is included and will take longer to ship out the door.

When it comes to supplying your installation with cable, whether you need a PE89 burial cable, Armored Cat5e 4 pair, interlocking plenum rated fiber or anything for low voltage wiring we can supply you with exactly what you need quickly.

So for all your wire & cable that needs to get cut per foot, order from Discount Low Voltage


"By Mercy Salinas"