Monday, August 31, 2009

Everfocus EN220 5.6" Test Monitor & Service Kit

The Everfocus EN220 Test monitor and Service Kit is a great tool to have for anyone dealing with cameras and video equipment. This compact high quality 5.6" LCD kit is lightweight and durable, making it great for job site use. This model includes a built-in speaker, which adds to its versatility. Headphones can be plugged in for private audio monitoring. The Everfocus EN220 kit includes batteries, AC power, A/V cables and a padded carry case.

Some key Features include:
- Troubleshoot camera display right on installation site
- Full color LCD display to check for video signal
- Small and compact for portability
- Weights only 17 Oz

Additional Images:

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Monday, August 24, 2009

The Magnepull: Use the power of magnets to help fish your wires

The Magnepull is an innovative new tool that uses magnets to help you get cable through hard-to-fish areas. It can also be used to run wire under carpet and retrieve lost tools. The Magnepull is great for Home Theater, DataComm, CCTV, Access Control, Cable, Satellite, Alarm, Electrical, and many other types of installations where wire fishing is necessary.

Some key features include:
- Reduces cable fishing time by 70%
- Can be used horizontally and vertically allowing easy control of your wires to the outlet
- Pulls easily and effectively through insulated or non-insulated walls and under carpet
- Developed for commercial and residential applications
- Reduces time spent in the attic
- Eliminates the need of carrying a stud finder
- Allows for installation in confined spaces
- No more wall damage due to misplaced holes
- Includes instructional video
- 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
- Made in the USA

What You Get:
- Molded Carry Case
- Retriever
- 1 Bullet Magnet with Leader
- Jack Chain
- Training DVD

Magnepull - Fishing in Insulated Wall Drop with Drop Magnet

Magnepull - Fishing in Hallow Wall with Drop Magnet

Magnepull - Fishing Under Carpet

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