Thursday, August 9, 2012

A equivalent to Belden 5300UE and West Penn WP-224

If your looking for an 18 gauge 2 conductor pvc cable that's unshielded and high quality like a Belden or West Penn Wire, I have an excellent equivalent for you to look at.  

This cable part number 1880AB2CMR is manufactured by Tappan Wire & Cable and is an exact equivalent according to the Tappan manufacture cross reference chart. Tappan has also been manufacturing cable out of New York since 1978 so you know they're making good stuff. As I always say, "Without repeat business there's no business."

Let's get a better look at this cable and packaging from one of our many YouTube Videos.

I'm hoping this information will allow you to now present this as an alternative on building projects that allow for a equivalent, thus allowing you to use Tappan Wire 1880AB2CMR to get more competitive on your project bid or maybe Belden and West Penn Wire have a back order and you need a quick back up.

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"By Mercy Salinas"