Friday, September 7, 2012

Are the new Corning CCH rackmount enclosures that cool?

This year Corning Cable Systems redesigned their popular CCH series 19 inch rack mount fiber optic enclosures. When I first heard this I pictured Bill Lumbergh saying, "I'm just not sure about that right now".

It's already a great design and Corning has probably sold millions of them. When I get a call from a fiber optic installation contractor trying to figure out what brand of enclosure he has at a installation he did 15 years ago it seems to always be the CCH series. Sure they were called Siecor back then but the same CCH panels are used.

Let's take a look at the now older designed CCH-01U from our YouTube Channel .

As you noticed the older design was great, opened easy on the front, rear and top. Slides out easy for your fiber adapter panels to be installed and it had an awesome black powder coat that'll last for a real long time.

Now let's look at the new redesigned CCH-01U from our YouTube Channel .

What I like most about the redesign is the see through top cover. I think seeing into the enclosure without removing a panel is so cool. If you need to remove the top panels the tool-less design makes it easy to remove.  

Looks like Corning really outdid themselves with this new redesign, and they're still showing the older CCH-01U rackmount enclosure love by still offering it under a new part number CLSSC-01U.

You can order the CCH-01U from our site and please feel free to comment below.


"By Mercy Salinas"