Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What are the most popular Fiber Optic Connector types?

When I first started terminating fiber optic connectors around 15 years ago maybe around 1997, I remember doing a handful of different types. Like FC, FDDI, MT Array, SC, ST, SMA, MTRJ, MU and so on. It was a huge chore, not only knowing how to properly terminate all these but having to stock all of these connectors to take care of your customers needs in a timely fashion.

I do remember around the year 2000-2001 the MTRJ connector had an amazing spurt where it felt like the industry was possibly standardizing on a connector but no.

The only connectors that have stood the test of time are the SC and ST connectors. The SC connectors (Set and Click is what I call them) are a square front design while the ST (Set and Twist) connector is round and is basically a smaller version of a coax BNC male connector.
Here's a quick look at one of our YouTube videos on the most common connectors as of today.

The LC connector has really been a beast over the past couple of years. It seems to be a more common input for Hewlett Packard Pro Curve and Cisco Catalyst switches and for SFP modules.

These 3 connectors seem to be the most common at this point in time but there is also another connector called MPO that has been gaining traction in data centers and could possibly contend for popularity in the long term.

Now if your thinking about terminating these connectors check out another one of our many YouTube videos, this one is called How to Terminate Fiber Optic Network Cable

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"By Mercy Salinas"