Monday, August 6, 2012

Cat5e Cable for Cell Tower and Outdoor Wireless Installations

As you know cell tower and outdoor wireless equipment installations can be some of the most demanding and dangerous. Contractors for these installations face many pressures from meeting a deadline, proper materials, making sure the job is done correctly and doing everything with a safety first mentality.

We can't help you with everything your going to bump into at your installation but we can help with getting you proper materials for your installation in a timely manner to help meet your deadline.

One product that comes to mind is the BBDE serise of outside plant cable by Superior Essex.

* This cable is built with a dry water blocking agent outside of the inner jacket that helps prevent  water ingress between shield in inner cable preventing damage to equipment.

* The core is fully filled with PFM Gel allowing for a no drip or flow in vertical installations, also helps fight against degraded transmission performance.

* Outside plant rated sunlight resistant black jacket will allow for years and years of reliable performance.

With these features and the reliability of a company that has been making cable since 1930 you can rest assure the quality of this cable is as good as your installation.

You can order this cable at Discount Low Voltagee

"By Mercy Salinas"