Monday, August 27, 2012

ITW Linx CAT6-LAN Building Entrance Protector from Surge and Lightning

Because there are many causes of electrical surges that can originate outside your building, proper surge protection for your equipment is a must. Surges occur when large electrical loads are turned on and off, at a local factory or from your utility company and the most damaging source is lightning.

The CAT6-LAN by ITW Linx will protect your equipment and high performance 4-pair Category 6 outside plant cable and also Cat6 UTP cables for LAN/Data applications.

Let's take a look at this product from our YouTube Channel

Still thinking about whether or not you need a CAT6-LAN? Check this out.

* Excess current can enter into almost all items in the subsystem such as power sources, peripherals, networks and telephone cables.

* Excess current can damage and destroy vital items in your subsystem such as silicon items, magnetic media and circuit board traces.

* Computer and telephone subsystems are usually assembled out of components from different manufactures and because of that you now have equipment that handles power and grounding in different ways.

* Copper cables are vulnerable from outside the building to breakage, crosses, lightning and those cables lead back to you.

Another question is who's responsible for providing primary and secondary protection? The regulated telephone company is only responsible for providing a standard level of primary protection connected to the customers premise. That level of protection is designed to prevent building wiring from catching fire and not designed to protect equipment. All other protection is the responsibility of the equipment user.

Now that your sold on the CAT6-LAN here's a common cable that is installed for outside plant building applications.

Don't forget about grounding! Check out a previous blog post for tips on grounding telephone and data cables and you can order all these parts at Discount Low Voltage

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"By Mercy Salinas"