Friday, September 28, 2012

How to fix and repair utility burial telephone wire

We recently added a cool product that's easy to install and very cost effective for fixing underground telephone cable.

The two piece design makes for a fast and easy installation. After prepping service wires, simply lay them within the grooves in the cap, lay the exposed cable shield within the bond connector and tighten. Splice the pairs and easily organized them around the ram then screw on vial.

Let's get a better look at this product from our YouTube Channel .

* Includes only two components, a filled vial, cap and a integral ram and bond connector
* Octagon shaped vial for ease of application and maximum capacity
* Pre-filled with POLY-BEE sealant
* Improved integral bonding connector

Now that you have a better understanding about this product I think your ready to repair your cable.

Let's look at our "How To" video on this product, again from our YouTube Channel .

The only thing that's not includes is a splice connector. We used the UY connector, this splice connector enables the connecting wires without the need of isolation stripping. Each one will accept 2 wires from a 22 to 26 awg cable.

Keep in mind that this item manufactured by Preformed Line Products, part number 8006037 will accommodate up to 6 pairs. Another model, part number 8006039 is designed for up to 12 pairs.

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"By Mercy Salinas"

Friday, September 21, 2012

Perimeter fence security system using fiber optic cable

As technology evolves so does security and most people may think of additional lighting or adding a security camera system. For those with a high value location you many want to consider perimeter fencing.

Perimeter fencing does involve more then just putting a fence up. Patrolling and other traditional methods with sensors and instruments are often unreliable and expensive. Some systems even have so many false alarms causing distrust in the system.

For a more reliable perimeter fence you may want to employ a AFL fiber optic sensing cable. A fence mounted fiber optic sensing cable for vibration detection and a central sensing device analyzes both the magnitude and pattern of the vibration signatures.

* Responsive: Low false positive rate due to noise generated by environmental factors

* Reliable: High reliability for detection of intrusion events (extremely low frequency of false negitive)

* Accurate: Plus or minus 2.5% accuracy of intrusion event locations over continuous fence line lengths of up to 5 kilometers

* Flexible: Stand alone system of integrated with pan-tilt cameras and other technologies like infrared systems  

This fiber optic system works by using optical power from a laser diode (LD in diagram) is split by the optical coupler and is diffused through an optical fiber ring in two counter directional paths.

When vibration is applied to the fiber, the strength of the interference light fluctuates due to the change in the refractive index in the region of the cable vibration. The emitted light arrives at a vibration point with some difference in time of flight. After passing the vibration point, two counter directional light packets are combined to cause interference. The light interference is detected by a photo diode (PD). Under static conditions (no vibration) the interference light strength is stable.

Here's a quick look at the components of the AFL perimeter fence system.

If this is an option that may work for your location feel free to contact specialist Jeff Jamieson with AFL at 864-486-7115

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"By Mercy Salinas"

Friday, September 14, 2012

25 pair and 100 pair Cat5 Burial Cable Overview

With the flood of wire and cable coming in from overseas you have to keep a good eye out on making sure that you select a high quality cable so you can get a solid return on investment for your network.

Over the past few years I've seen many problems with overseas cables, such as the cable specifying that it was a 24 gauge but after the installation contractor installed it and had problems with making a proper connection we found out that the cable was actually a 26 gauge cable. It's hard to notice since the colored insulation is over the copper conductor. This is such a common issue with overseas copper cable that I feel like it's common practice. It's a dirty trick that enables overseas manufactures to offer a lower price for a false product. (Cool book, poorly made in China ).

Another dirty trick that gets pulled on the consumer is copper clad aluminum cable. Because the cost of aluminum is lower versus copper, these cables are lower in price and you may not realize you have purchased this cable until after your installation is complete and your cable tester won't certify that new cable you just installed.

I always recommend purchasing a cable from a manufacture that has been in business before the year 2000. These types of manufactures have been established and many fall under Trade Agreement Acts for the procurement of goods for federal contracts with the United States Government.

Now that we know what to look for let's look at one of the most popular selling Cat5 burial cables.

This cable is most commonly installed in outside plant installations and is your broadband backbone. The Essex Megapic cable provides an extension of the LAN beyond the premises. Installed in direct burial, underground and lashed aerial applications.

Available in a 25 and 100 pair count and because your purchasing from Superior Essex you can count on quality, made in America and Essex has been making cable since the 1930's out of Detroit.

Let's get a better look at the cable from our YouTube Channel.


When making an investment in your network, our 13 year track record of selling this cable gives us comfort knowing that we are offering a quality solution that will meet all your needs.

You can order 04-097-31 by the foot. If you have any comments leave them below.


"By Mercy Salinas"

Friday, September 7, 2012

Are the new Corning CCH rackmount enclosures that cool?

This year Corning Cable Systems redesigned their popular CCH series 19 inch rack mount fiber optic enclosures. When I first heard this I pictured Bill Lumbergh saying, "I'm just not sure about that right now".

It's already a great design and Corning has probably sold millions of them. When I get a call from a fiber optic installation contractor trying to figure out what brand of enclosure he has at a installation he did 15 years ago it seems to always be the CCH series. Sure they were called Siecor back then but the same CCH panels are used.

Let's take a look at the now older designed CCH-01U from our YouTube Channel .

As you noticed the older design was great, opened easy on the front, rear and top. Slides out easy for your fiber adapter panels to be installed and it had an awesome black powder coat that'll last for a real long time.

Now let's look at the new redesigned CCH-01U from our YouTube Channel .

What I like most about the redesign is the see through top cover. I think seeing into the enclosure without removing a panel is so cool. If you need to remove the top panels the tool-less design makes it easy to remove.  

Looks like Corning really outdid themselves with this new redesign, and they're still showing the older CCH-01U rackmount enclosure love by still offering it under a new part number CLSSC-01U.

You can order the CCH-01U from our site and please feel free to comment below.


"By Mercy Salinas"