Monday, August 1, 2011

Industrial Cat5e Bulk Cable Solution for Mobile MRI Machines

Rick Dressel from Alliance HealthCare Services came to us looking for a solution to connect his mobile MRI machine to the clients Hospital. Alliance Imaging provides mobile MRI, PET/CT and CT, in addition to state-of-the-art dedicated breast MRI systems.

Rick had problems with previous cabling he was using. He started with a traditional solid conductor Cat5e PVC indoor cable. Unfortunately, over time he had to constantly replace these cables due to the repeated exposure to UV rays and harsh weather elements. In addition, the cable jacket was being torn up from repeated contact with the ground.

His next cable selection was a Cat5e solid direct burial cable. Although this cable is meant to stand up to the elements, it is gel filled, making working with this cable a hassle. The drag on different surfaces also eventually ate through the jacket.

We made the recommendation of using Datamax Extreme Cat5e Cable. This Quabbin 5730R cat5e cable has a polyurethane jacket, aluminum shield, and drain wire for superior harsh environment conditions. This cable uses a stranded conductor design, providing the flexibility Rick needed. Having sold this cable to production studios, we knew the DataMax Extreme cat5e cable would withstand the constant abuse. After having this cable installed on Rick's mobile MRI, here's what he had to say:

"Mr. Mercy Salinas, thank you for your expert knowledge in finding the perfect cat-5 cable, for our application. The Quabbin 5730R is exceeding far beyond expectations. I believe this cable will last in a outdoor environment for years. Any company using cat-5 in a outdoors environment, should try this cable. Thank you again for all of your help." - Rick Dressel

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