Wednesday, February 16, 2011

UL Requires New Holographic Labels for Communications Cable

To further enhance the integrity of the UL Mark, UL is introducing a holographic label requirement for a wide variety of cable categories. The new UL Marks include the use of secure golden holographic label material and color shifting inks to prevent unauthorized label reproduction.

This type of label has been proven an effective tool in deterring counterfeit products from entering the marketplace. Effective October 1, 2010 manufacturers will be required to apply holographic UL Marks for the products noted below. Although the holographic label is new, the remaining engineering marking information provided on the cable tags or reels and the methods for applying these markings remain unchanged.

• Communications Cable (DUZX/DUZX7)
• Communications Cable Verified to UL Performance Category Program (DUZX)
• Data Transmission Cable Verified in Accordance With National or International Specifications (DVBI)
• Community Antenna Television Cable (DVCS)
• Data Processing Cable (EMRB)
• Non-Power-Limited Fire-Alarm Cable (HNHT)
• Power-Limited Fire-Alarm Cable (HNIR / HNIR7)
• Instrumentation Tray Cable (NYTT)
• Network Powered Broadband Communications Cable (PWIP)
• Optical Fiber Cable (QAYK/QAYK7)
• Power Limited Circuit Cable (QPTZ)

Code authorities have already begun to see cables with the new holographic labels during their inspections, and will see an increasing number of cables with these markings in the future. You can expect to see the UL symbol on the product and the new holographic UL Listing Mark on the attached tag, the reel, or the smallest unit container in which the cable is packaged. The UL symbol will still appear on the surface print of the cable, and can be either the complete UL in a circle, or the letters “UL” in parenthesis “(UL)”. Surface printing of the UL Certification Mark on the wire insulation or jacketed material is only permissible when the accompanying reel or smallest unit container is also provided with the UL holographic Listing Mark. Although manufacturers cannot add non-holographic labels to cable after October 1, 2010, it may take a while for cable with the non-holographic Listing Marks to be cleared from the supply chain.

An example of the UL holographic label on Cat5e Bulk Communications Cable offered at

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