Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Is There Signal Loss Using Coax Cable TV Splitters?

So your installing a structured wiring system with coax cable and your wondering how much signal loss you'll get using coax splitters. If you have a handful of coaxial cable splitters, what's the best way to reduce your signal loss? Should you use multiple 2-way splitters, or a single 8-way splitter? Our good buddy Ron Kipper from Ideal Industries gives an excellent explanation of how much signal loss you can expect.

On a personal note, as a video gamer I had a constant problem with my internet signal dropping in the middle of a match on XBOX live. This is very irritating and a problem that shouldn't be happening. After a technician troubleshooted the problem, he replaced a 4 way splitter with a 2 way that was on the external part of the house. No problem ever since! Wish I viewed this video before.

For weekly videos, check out the Discount Low Voltage YouTube Channel and for more of Ron, check out his channel at Ron Kipper Data Comm YouTube Channel.

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