Monday, August 22, 2011

Contractor Testimonial: Cat3, Cat5e, and Cat6 KWIK System

We've been bragging about how good the KWIK System is and how much time and cost of labor can be saved at the job-site, but don't take it from us, take it from a contractor himself!

Doug Lynn from All Cal Communications has been doing low voltage installation work since 1989, and has worked with a wide spectrum of cables. In addition, he regularly works with and installs Panasonic phone systems. Let's see what he had to say about the Kwik Tool and Kwik Jacks:

So what else makes the Kwik System so cool besides saving time and cost on labor?

- The same cutting head is used for the Cat3, Cat5e and Cat6 keystone jacks. The cutting head is good for at least 1000 terminations, and an additional cutting head is included free of charge.

- Excellent cable test/certification results, so printed reports for your customers are a breeze. No additional labor in troubleshooting is accrued.

- Count on quality! Ever go back to a job-site to troubleshoot a keystone jack that was working when you left? Not with the KWIK jack, once it's done, it's done.

- 25 year TIA/EIA smart link performance warranty is an excellent offering for Hospitals, Military, Government and fortune 500 companies.

- The "High Density" design allows for a wide selection of applications; such as: modular furniture face plates, decora wall plates, and high density keystone patch panels. Saves valuable space.

- No split pairs! No split pair design saves time when lacing the wires onto the keystone jack.

- Color coded for 568B and 568A. Cat3 is colored for USOC wiring. Great for the new guy or home DIYer who always forgets the color code.

- UL and RoHS listed.

- 10 different colors available (Almond, Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Ivory, Orange, Red, Yellow, White).

All that and you get to work with a company that has been offering solutions for over 10 years. Sounds to me like you have a win win : )

Order all the Kwik Tool and Kwik Jacks online at

Or by phone (888) 797-3697 

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