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How To Terminate Cat5e/Cat6 Kwik Jacks Using the Kwik Tool

The Kwik Jacks and Kwik Tool are the newest addition of keystone jacks to the lineup. We first introduced them back in January of this year and have had nothing but great feedback for the Kwik Jacks. Today, Im going to show you step-by-step How To Terminate the Cat5e/Cat6 Kwik Jacks. I'll include photos and a video to help you along the way. Let's get started.
Blog Updated 6-15-11: New Kwik Tool design

What You Need:

Electricans Scissors


Now that we have the right tools, lets punch down some keystone jacks

First, strip back the jacket about 1-2". The Cat6 cable (bottom) is larger than the Cat5e cable because it has a center spline, which separates all 4 pairs of wires. This center spline helps reduce Alien Cross-talk.

Cut off the ripcord

Cut off the separator if you're using Cat6 cable

Now were ready to lace up the wires on your keystone jack. One the the nicest features of these jacks is the pointed 110s. This makes it much easier to lay the wires in, compared to the flat style some other keystone jacks have. Here's a close up view. You can also see it clearly shows the 568B and 568A color code on every jack.

Follow the color code on the side of the jacks. We suggest using 568B since it is the most common. Here is a picture of the 568B color code.

You can use your fingernail to seat the wires, or a utility knife. Make sure not to use the sharp side though, or you could cut through the wire jacket. Once all 4 pairs are laid down in the jack, it should look like this.

Make sure the jacket on your cable is as close to the keystone jack as possible. You don't want anymore than 1/2" of the wires exposed. Below is a picture of the WRONG WAY to do it.

Once the 4 pairs of wires are laced onto your Kwik Jack, slide the jack into the Kwik Tool
Updated 6-15-11: New Kwik Tool design
Here is what the Kwik Jack looks like inserted into the Kwik Tool

Once you have the Kwik Jack in the tool, simply squeeze down on the handle and release. This will punch down and cut all 4 pairs of wires. Remove the Kwik Jack from the tool. Here is a completed Cat5e/Cat6 Kwik Jack
Tip: You can also use a 110 punch tool to terminate the Kwik Jacks

Now, snap on the included dust cover and you're done.

Now let's watch Mercy demonstrate this process on video:

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