Monday, August 8, 2011

HD High Definition CCTV Security Surveillance DVR by EverFocus

As we continue to move away from standard definition to HD High-Definition from our Televisions to our phones, the security industry has also begun integrating HD into surveillance applications. We got a chance to speak with Annie Wu from Everfocus about these new HD DVR's and what's so great about them. Take a look:

Capture scenes with stunning HD clarity and get uncompressed full motion MEGAPIXEL DIGITAL video over standard coaxial cable. Attach familiar BNC connectors on the HD CCTV cameras and HD DVR, then display live and recorded images in astounding detail on the HDMI main monitor screen. Get HD 1080p with 6 times the resolution of traditional cameras to deliver the ability to zoom with clarity.

If your looking to upgrade your old analog system, Everfocus has two great DVR options for you. A hybrid solution gives you the flexibility of installing a handful of HD cameras to cover certain areas, while using the rest of the ports for traditional analog cameras. A full HD DVR solution is also offered to cover all your camera locations in High Definition.

Excellent choice for upgrading your current CCTV location because you can use your existing coax cable versus an IP camera solution that requires new cabling and networking. Get Superior 2-Megapixel/1080i and 1-Megapixel/720p quality over existing coaxial cable! HD CCTV provides unmatched clarity and Vivid Detail even while zooming in on live and playback. Call a sales professional today to get your custom HD CCTV solution started. It's easier than you might think.

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