Thursday, March 18, 2010

CCTV Test Monitor Kit Video - Everfocus EN220

The Everfocus EN220 cctv test monitor kit is ideal for focusing and adjusting cctv security cameras. This 5.6" LCD monitor is portable and includes a neck strap for hands free use. In today's video, Mercy shows you what to expect when you order the EN220. Enjoy

For full product details, or to order, visit the CCTV Monitor Test Kit page.

Ever used the Everfocus EN220? We're always interested in hearing about your experience with our products. Leave us a comment below or email me and tell me how it went. Maybe we'll put your testimonial on the website. Or better yet, send us some pictures of an awsome install you just finished. We always like putting together "Customer Installations" blogs. Send all pictures to Your feedback is always appreciated.

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