Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How To View Security System DVR with Your Cell Phone - iPhone - Blackberry

In today's economy, theft is a rising concern for homeowners/business owners. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, there were an estimated 6.6 million (6,588,873) larceny-thefts nationwide in 2008. The loss to victims was nearly $6.1 billion. That's a $925 loss on average. Newer technology is helping us pave the way for a safer future, and cell phone's have played a crucial role. With advancements in DVR technology, it is now possible to view your security system remotely. Everfocus has introduced 2 new DVRs that support mobile viewing, the Paragon264 and ECOR264 series. Here's how you set up your DVR for mobile viewing:

1) The DVR must be accessible from the internet via the same process usually employed for DVR remote viewing:
     a. the DVR IP configuration must be consistent with the local network
     b. the router in the system must be configured to forward any traffic for the HTTP port used by the DVR to the IP address of the DVR. Please refer to the DVR User Guide for setting up the DVR network configuration.
2) In the Configuration Menu Network Setting Screen, the new option in the LAN setup "Enable Mobile Viewing" must be checked.

To view, launch the web browser on the mobile device or PC and enter the URL in the form:


where ZZZ.ZZZ.ZZZ.ZZZ is the IP address of the DVR
PPPP is the HTTP port used by the DVR
dvrddnsname is the DDNS name registered with the server

You will be prompted for the login ID and password to access the DVR. Please remember that the ID is case sensitive and the password is numeric.

After entering the ID/Password, choose "OK" or "Log In" and you will see the live view screen. Click on a camera button to select that camera.

Everfocus H.264 DVR's are compatible with many different types of cell phones for remote viewing

Current Mobile Device Verified Compatibility *** (updated 8/3/10) ***

Apple iPhone on Safari
Apple iPhoneGS on Safari
Apple iPod Touch on Safari

T-Mobile/HTC Wing on Opera 10/Windows Mobil
T-Mobile/HTC MDA on Opera 10/Windows Mobil
T-Mobile/HTC HD2 on Opera 10/Windows Mobil
T-Mobile/HTC myTouch on Opera 10/Windows Mobil
T-Mobile/Google G1 on Included Browser

Motorola Droid on Included Browser
Motorola Droid X on Included Browser

Blackberry Bold on Included Browser
Blackberry Curve on Included Browser
Blackberry Tour on Included Browser
Blackberry 8220 on Included Browser
Blackberry 8300 on Included Browser
Blackberry 9000 on Included Browser

Samsung Jack on Opera Mobile 10/Windows Mobile 6.5

(Note: This may not be the complete list. This is just the ones we have verified that will work. If you have an older model DVR, you might be required to Upgrade Your Firmware for cell phone viewing on certain models.)

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