Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bogen Ceiling Speakers Video

Ceiling Speakers:
Bogen's S86T725PG8W Ceiling Speaker Assemblies consist of an 8" cone speaker pre-assembled onto a 13" steel ceiling grille painted with off-white or bright white. Options for these assemblies are recessed volume control (VR), volume control with knob (VK), and rear-mounted screw terminal strip for power taps (BR). They come pre-assembled for faster installation and work with both 70V and 25V amplifier outputs. Accessories include: Ceiling Speaker Enclosures (RE84), Mounting Rings (MR8) and Tile Bridges (TB8). With a 4-watt capacity, these ceiling speakers are sure to sound good anywhere you put them.

Part #s:
S86T725PG8W - S86T725 Assembly on PG8W Grille, Off-White
S86T725PG8U - S86T725 Assembly on PG8W Grille,Bright White
S86T725PG8WVR - S86T725PG8W, Off-White, w/ Recessed Vol Control
S86T725PG8UVR - S86T725PG8U, Bright White, w/ Recessed Vol Control
S86T725PG8WVK - S86T725PG8W, Off-White, w/ Vol Control Knob
S86T725PG8UVK - S86T725PG8U, Bright White, w/ Vol Control Knob



Drop-In Ceiling Speakers:
Bogen's Drop-In Ceiling Speakers are full-range loudspeakers that allow fast and simple installation, which saves you time, effort, and cost. Depending on whether your ceiling grid is 2' x 2' or 2' x 4', the speaker can be dropped directly into place or by simply making a single cut to the ceiling tile, placing the tile support rail and then inserting the speaker into place. These speakers are fully enclosed and made of industrial grade steel. In addition, they are plenum rated - Meets requirements of UL standard 2043 for smoke and heat release. You can use these speakers on 70V or 25V amplifier outputs, just like the pre-assembled speakers. For customers who demand the best in quality and looks, they choose the CSD Series Drop-In Speakers from Bogen.

Part #s:
CSD2X2 - Ceiling Speaker, Drop-In, 2' x 2', Off-White
CSD2X2U - Ceiling Speaker, Drop-In, 2' x 2', Bright White
CSD2X2VR - Ceiling Speaker, Drop-In, 2' x 2', w/ Vol Control, Off-White
CSD2X2VRU - Ceiling Speaker, Drop-In, 2' x 2', w/ Vol Control, Bright White
CSD2X2L - Ceiling Speaker, Drop-In, 2' x 2', 8-ohm, Off-White
CSD2X2LU - Ceiling Speaker, Drop-In, 2' x 2', 8-ohm, Bright White


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