Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How To Terminate Fiber Optic Cable Using AFL Fast Connectors

This is an introduction to the most commonly installed Fiber Optic Cable – 62.5 Multimode fiber, using AFL Fast SC or LC connectors. This new style 2009 Fast connector has cut the cost of labor and time in the field up to 90% compared to termination styles from 10 years ago.

Items Needed:
AFL Fast Connectors
Fiber Stripper
Fiber Cleaver
Fiber Wipes
Kevlar Scissors

Warning: Always wear protective eyewear when terminating optical fibers. Dispose of cut or cleaved ends properly.

Let’s Get Started:
First, you’ll want to cut the outside jacket off the fiber optic cable, maybe about 18 inches from the end. Electrician snips will be fine with most types of fiber optic cable. You may or may not need to cut the kevlar depending on what style fiber connector your using. Since were using AFL Fast connectors, we’ll cut the kevlar down.

If your using a 250μm buffered fiber, you’ll then slid the boot over the fiber strand, small end first.
Then strip the buffer coating off the individual strands with a fiber optic stripping tool. Be sure to leave more fiber than the finished cleave length. It is recommended that the stripped fiber be cleaned with an alcohol wipe before cleaving to remove any dust or debris.

Check the fiber for integrity by bending the stripped end of the fiber slightly. This insures that you have not damaged it during the stripping step.

Now we need to cut the fiber to length using a cleaver. A cleaver is a specially designed tool that makes a controlled break in the glass. It also cuts it to the exact length you need. The cleave length will vary depending on what size coating of buffer your using. Since were using a 250μmwe need to cleave the connector at 10mm (the cleave length is 10.5mm for ST connectors).

Once we have the fiber cleaved, we need to carefully insert the fiber into the connector. Press the wedge into the connector to open it.

Once it is inside, apply slight force on the fiber into the connector. This will insure the prepared fiber is against the internal pre polished fiber inside the connector.

Maintaining slight force on the fiber, release the wedge unit by squeezing it from the side until the wedge pulls out of the connector body. Slide the locking piece from the bottom of the wedge unit and remove the wedge from the connector assembly. Slide the boot up and engage it over the rear of the connector body. Apply the connector housing onto the assembly from the front.

Your DONE!

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