Monday, October 5, 2009

25 Pair Burial Telephone Cable - PE89 Direct Burial

25 Pair Burial Telephone Cable is suitable for outdoor applications without the use of conduit. The cable is filled with water resistant gel and UV resistant. The conductors are 24awg and follow the industry standard color code for twisted pair cables. Direct burial telephone cable must not be run for more than 50ft inside buildings (per the National Electrical Code).


Core Construction:
- Solid, annealed copper; size 24 AWG

- Dual insulation consisting of an inner layer of foamed polyolefin surrounded by a solid polyolefin skin, color-coded in accordance with telephone industry standards

Twisted Pairs:
- Insulated conductors are twisted into pairs with varying lay lengths to minimize crosstalk

Core Assembly:
- 25 pairs and less: pairs are assembled together in a single group
- More than 25 pairs: pairs are arranged in groups, each group having a color coded unit binder

Filling Compound:
- The entire core assembly is completely filled with ETPR compound, filling the interstices between the pairs and under the core tape

Core Wrap:
- Non-hygroscopic dielectric tape applied longitudinally with an overlap

Aluminum Shield:
- Corrugated, copolymer-coated, 0.008" aluminum tape applied longitudinally with an overlap
- The sheath interfaces are flooded with an adhesive water-blocking compound

- Black, linear low density polyethylene Application(s):
- Intended for duct and direct buried installations where protection against water and moisture entry is required and may also be installed aerially

- Rural Development Utility Program(RDUP) 7 CFR 1755.890 (RUS PE-89)

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