Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Armored Fiber Optic Cable Video

In this video, Mercy examines some Corning light armored fiber optic cable and shows you what it looks like on the inside. Enjoy.

As you can see, this fiber is very strong and durable. Corning Cable Systems ALTOS® Lite Gel-Free Single- Jacket/Single-Armor Cables are designed for direct burial applications. The loose tube design provides stable and highly reliable transmission parameters for a variety of voice, data, video and imaging applications. This design also provides high-fiber density within a given cable diameter while allowing flexibility to suit many system designs.

Features and Benefits:
• Single-armor construction provides additional crush and
rodent protection
• High-strength ripcord under armor for ease of stripping
• Gel-free design is fully waterblocked using craft-friendly
water-swellable yarns and tapes, making cable access simple
and requiring no clean up
• SZ-stranded, loose tube design isolates fibers from installation
and environmental rigors and allows for easy mid-span
• Standard 3.0 mm buffer tube size reduces the number of
access tools required by crafts personnel
• Medium Density Polyethylene jacket is rugged, durable
and easy to strip
• Available with extended operating temperature to -60°C
• Available with Gigabit Ethernet performance


Maximum Tensile Loads
Short-Term: 2700 N (600 lbf)
Long-Term: 890 N (200 lbf)

Temperatures Storage:
-40° to +70°C (-40° to +158°F)
Installation: -30° to +70°C (-22° to +158°F)
Operation: -40° to +70°C (-40° to +158°F)

Approvals and Listings
RUS 7 CFR 1755.900

Common Installations
Outdoor lashed aerial and duct; indoor when installed according to National Electrical Code® (NEC®) Article 770

Design and Test Criteria
ANSI/ICEA S-87-640

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