Friday, July 27, 2012

Cable management for running wire and cable diagonally

One of the most common problems that arises from wire and cable installations is what to do with a cable run that is long in length and has to run diagonally and you have to properly comply with wiring methods in chapter 3 of the National Electric Code.

When running communication cables horizontally J-Hooks are typically used and your cable run should be spaced at 5 feet or less. Direction and level changes will also require closer spacing. It's a good practice to keep the sag at a maximum of 12 inches.

The J-Hook systems is great for horizontal runs but may cause a problem when running wires diagonally, a good way to do this is by using the Rip-Tie pivoting cable hanger.

Let's check out some features that can benefit you at your facility.

* These cable hangers are easily released and retied so adding and subtracting cables is easy.

* Easy way to keep cable runs segregated from each other.

* Perfect for use in computer sub-floors.

* 10,000 release cycles so you should have these for a long, long time.

* Believe it or not these are made in the USA 

The The RIP-TIE Cable Hanger is a very easy solution to keeping your cabling up to code and keeping that building inspector off your back.

If you have questions about this type of cable run or any other type of cable pathway installation comment below.


"By Mercy Salinas"