Friday, April 6, 2012

When would I need an Amber colored lens?

We recently got our stock shipment for Greenlee Safety Glasses and I noticed a few different types of colors for the lens. Let us take a look at the Yellow contrast Amber lens.

This color lens absorbs Blue and Ultraviolet light and is best used when sharpness, acuity and contrast are needed and to block high intensity blue lighting such as UV and in Curing Operations.

- Filters out hazy light that is hard on the eyes
- Good for working outside at Dawn and Dusk
- Excellent for hazy, overcast or foggy days
- High Intensity tint for maximum sight performance during low light driving

Recent studies have shown that too much light and especially Blue light, suppresses our natural sleep hormone melatonin. Wearing Yellow glasses for an hour before bedtime will block enough of this light to prevent your melatonin from being suppressed letting you sleep quickly and easily. Other studies have mentioned that the display on a computer, TV, phone, monitor, pad and video games have an excessive amount of blue light so wearing this color lens will also help those who find it hard to unplug.

If you have a favorite preference on when to wear this color lens don't hesitate to leave us a comment. Thanks!