Friday, March 30, 2012

When to wear a class 2 High Visibility Vest

So you've been browsing around the internet trying to figure out why and when you need to wear a class 2 vest. Let's talk about it.

Class 2 garments are intended for use in activities where greater visibility is necessary during inclement weather conditions or in work environments with risks that exceed those for Class 1. Garments in this class also cover workers who perform tasks that divert their attention from approaching traffic, or that put them in close proximity to passing vehicles traveling at 25 miles per hour or higher.

Here are some examples of workers who use Class 2 apparel include:
  • Forestry operations
  • Ship cargo loading operations
  • Roadway construction, utility and railway workers
  • Survey crews
  • School crossing guards
  • Delivery vehicle drivers
  • High-volume parking and/or toll gate personnel
  • Airport baggage handlers/ground crew
  • Emergency response and law enforcement personnel
  • Trash collection and recycling operations
  • Accident site investigators
  • Railroad inspection and maintenance crews

Let's also review federal regulation number 23CFR634 Worker Visibility.

634.3 Rule - All workers within the right-of-way of a Federal-aid highway who are exposed either to traffic (vehicles using the highway for purposes of travel) or to construction equipment within the work area shall wear high-visibility safety apparel

634.1 Purpose - The purpose of the regulations in this part is to decrease the likelihood of worker fatalities or injuries caused by motor vehicles and construction vehicles and equipment while working within the right-of-way on Federal-aid highways

So now that you have a better feel for why and when you need to wear your vest keep it on when you're suppose to, it could save your life.