Friday, April 13, 2012

What is Structured Wiring in a home?

Structured wiring is a standards-based system of cabling that distributes communication services including voice, data, and video from a central location over a network of built-in cables throughout a home.
Benefits of Structured Wiring
  • Enhance your connected lifestyle
  • Secure your connections
  • Easily integrate new technologies
  • Allow for future changes
To get a better feel on where your structured wiring home network begins let's look at a home network enclosure.

These enclosures provide a fast, flexible and clean distribution management solution for voice, data, video, and audio connections. The one shown below from our YOUTUBE channel is 14 inches high and other sizes are available. They can be flush mounted but they are designed to fit between 16-inch studs. Included are cable knock-outs for your horizontal and vertical cabling.

Want to access the internet from your bedroom?
  • Access the internet from any bedroom in your home
  • Share files, music and movies
  • Allow for future technology integration
To get a proper signal to multiple bedrooms you need to run a cable to each room that will support your steaming needs. A cat5e or cat6 rated cable will support that. All these cables then get punched down to a structured wiring patch panel. Then you make a simple connection with a patch cable and plug it into your switch for networking multiple locations.

Want to watch Television while in the garage?
  • Extend video to every corner of your home
  • Experience functionality from a true video network
  • Allow your entertainment to fit your lifestyle
This might get a little tricky. After you determine what service your going to install cable or satellite there are different modules for both. In the video below a Direct TV approved splitter is used and you'll notice that you need 2 inputs for satellite compared to only 1 for cable TV.

Use the Xbox or Playstation from the living room as the hub for a broadband entertainment center. Add to your music collection from the comfort of your couch. It is all possible with Home Structured Wiring. Structured wiring systems simplify and enhance your lifestyle and create long-term value for your home.

Today's entertainment and lifestyle products are developing at a tremendous pace. These systems often include computers, phones, gaming devices, audio players, appliances, set-top boxes and much more. In addition, communications and entertainment services continue to evolve and provide more choices.
A structured cabling system provides an effective way to integrate and utilize changing products and services to enhance your lifestyle today and in the future.

I get the feeling you're ready to dive more into your home wiring. Check out Bob Catanzarite web page at for an overview on installing your own Home Structured Wiring Network.

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