Friday, April 20, 2012

Greenlee Sidekick 7B 1134-5029 will test telephone stress and leakage

Before we get into stress and leakage lets go back to October 22nd 1991 when patent 5,059,911 was issued for a cable fault location detector.

Field of the invention

The present invention relates to a method of detecting a location of a break in a conductor of an electrical that has a multiple number of conductors therein means of a timer.

Background of the Invention

In the past it has been difficult to determine the location of a break in a conductor that is located within a cable that has a multiple number of conductors therein. One such means of detecting the location for such a break was by visual inspection. However such a method is not reliable when the break or discontinuity is hidden from view.

A probe that can detect an open a break or an unused pin in a multi-conductor cable is known in the art. The probe operates based on the amount of capacitance between the conductor and the cable. However, the probe cannot precisely determine the location of a break in a conductor of the cable since the probe does not have a timing means.

The present invention is an improvement in the art of detecting the location of a break in a conductor of a multi-conductor cable. In the present invention the amount of capacitance between the conductor under investigation and adjacent conductors is determined by means of a timer The smaller the capacitance is between the broken conductor and adjacent conductors the closer the break is to the automatic cable tester.

That's an intro into this patent and I'll fast forward to the point in case your yawning. If you do want more info including drawing sheets, here's a link to the U.S. patent.

Cable Locator Patent

Stress Test

The Stress Test reads the audible noise produced on a faulted pair that is stressed by a 90 dBrn longitudinal excitation. The Stress Test determines the capacitive and series resistance balance characteristics of twisted pair at any point along the pair. It is capable of identifying DC resistive or capacitive imbalances undetected by other subscriber loop tests. The Stress Test is also highly effective in identifying imbalances produced by series resistance opens (high joints).

Leakage Test

The Leakage Test detects intermittent resistance faults that do not appear under normal VOM tests. When a faulted pair is taken out of service, galvanic action forms an insulating oxide layer over the faults. When returned to service, such pairs develop "noisy static" in a relatively short period of time. The Leakage Test uses 135 Volts to "punch through" the oxide layer and reveal the fault.

The Sidekick 7B is the test set used in every major telephone company in the United States for troubleshoot twisted pair applications. This light-weight, hand-held meter quickly and accurately uncovers intermittent troubles that other test sets can't detect. Since the introduction of the patented Stress Test and Leakage Test in 1991, the Sidekick has become a benchmark in communications technology. Technicians now have the versatility to identify faults in locations ranging from outside plant cable to inside wiring, and from closures to connecting blocks, without sacrificing standard features, AC/DC, VOM, Kick Meter, they have come to rely on. The versatile Sidekick 7B is used throughout the telephony industry, including LAN/WAN, Private Networks, and BICSI applications.

For more than 140 years, Greenlee has been a provider of quality tools to the wood working industry and, for over 70 years, to the electrical industry as well. Over 20 years ago, Greenlee made a commitment to the high technology necessary to keep pace with the changing needs of our customers. Proof of that commitment is in the modern facilities, state-of-the-art production equipment, and enhanced quality assurance programs which comprise the Greenlee way of doing business today.

The Sidekick is a cool tool but I'm also a big fan of the 501 Tracker 2 Underground wire tracker and the 521A irrigation wire and valve locator. If you're looking for some kind of wire tester and not sure what to use for your application check out Greenlee for their wide selection of wire and cable testers.