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FAST Fiber Connector FAQ

AFL Telecommunications FAST Fiber Connectors FAQ

Q: What is the index of refraction over temperature?
A: The refractive index is 1.469 at 25degC, with a thermo-optic coefficient of less than 4.0×10-4/degC.

Q: How do you prevent the gel from drying out inside of the connector?
A: The gel has a low evaporation rate. There is data inside the document that shows the % weight reduction of the gel over time.

Q: What prevents the gel from migrating away from the fiber?
A: The upper body of the mechanical splice part is designed such that the surface area clamping onto bare fiber is minimized, thereby preventing the gel from migrating away from the splice point.

 Q: What fusion splicer will you need to use the FuseConnect connector?
A: It will work with FSM-11-S, 11-R, 17-R, 17-S-FH, 50-R, 18-R, 18-S, 60-S, and 60-R.

Q: Why does the external tube heater take longer to heat the protective sleeve?
A: The heater takes longer because the FuseConnect protective sleeve is larger than a standard splice sleeve and has an inner sleeve and outer sleeve. The inner sleeve protects the splice. The outer sleeve protects the inner sleeve and captures the cable or fiber and connector body to obtain the pull strength.

Q: What is the loss at the splicing point and connector?
A: The typical loss at the splice point is 0.01 dB and 0.20 dB at the connector.

Q: What type of FuseConnect connectors are available?
A: Currently we only offer single-mode and multimode (50µm, 50µm 10GIG, and 62.5µm) SC/UPC, SC/APC, SC/PC, LC/UPC, and LC/PC in 3mm, 2mm, and 900µm boot.

Q: Do you need to clean the fiber stub at the end of the FuseConnect connector?
A: No, you do not need to clean the fiber because it is clean from the factory.

Q: Why does the protective sleeve not shrink onto the 900µm fiber?
A: Check the mode on the FuseConnect heater and make sure it is set on MODE 2.

Q: How many splices can be executed using the battery-operated FSM-18 or FSM-60 series with the FuseConnect heater power cord attached?
A: Up to 50+ splices per fully charged battery for the FSM-18 or FSM-60 series.

Q: What are the 2mm or 3mm cable clamps use for?
A: The 2mm or 3mm clamps are use to clamp onto the 900µm fiber inside the cable jacket. The clamps prevent the 900µm fiber from pistoning out of the jacket.

Q: Can you terminate the FuseConnect connector onto a Fanout or Breakout kit?
A: Yes, we recommend using our Fanout kit. It will not melt the 900µm furcation tube in our external heater.

Q: Why would the FuseConnect connector melt back to a round end face during the termination process?
A: There are 2 possibilities, one is that the arc power (cleaning or splicing) is too strong; and the other is the insufficient compression force of fibers (the holder may be caught somewhere such that it cannot move smoothly forward).

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