Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Discount Low Voltage Adds Google Voice to Website

Here at Discount Low Voltage were always looking for ways to make your online shopping experience easier. Just today I was on the website of my cable tv company trying to find information. I searched for 10 minutes navigating the vast array of pages they offer, only to end up empty handed. Why don't I just call them, I thought. Easier said then done. It seems as if they make you jump through hoops just to get their phone number, only to go through the automated system that couldn't recognize the words "Customer Service" if I typed it out for them. This made me think, why not put our phone number right up on the top of the page. Or better yet, a link that calls us for you. Were proud to announce the addition of Google Voice to the website. Simply click the link, type in your phone number and Google does the rest. You will get connected instantly to a real person. It's that simple. Try it out at
Or just do it the old fashioned way - (888) 797-3697