Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bogen Ceiling Speaker HFCS1 Video

Bogen Ceiling Speaker HFCS1

The Bogen HFCS1 ceiling speakers deliver superior sound and clear intelligibility in a variety of ceiling environments. The system can be easily installed in hard-surfaced ceilings, suspended ceilings, and new constructions. The HFCS1 offers several levels of power output controlled via a front-mounted rotary tap selector switch (under grille). The low-distortion speaker design, coupled with a computer-matched venting system, delivers high intelligibility and exceptional low-frequency response for both music and speech reinforcement. Bogen also offers the HFCS1LP (low profile) for applications where space might be an issue. The HFCS1LP is 4.25" shorter than the HFCS1, which can make a huge difference in cramped spaces. In this video, Mercy shows you what to expect when ordering the HFCS1. Enjoy

• Wide-dispersion coaxial driver for broad, even coverage
• Good off-axis response with smooth contouring
• Computer-matched venting system for full bass output
• Large back can for deeper bass response (HFCS1)
• Low-profile housing allows greater range of installations (HFCS1LP)
• High power handling capability for foreground sound
• Selectable power taps via front-mounted control
• Power taps (in watts) - 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, and 1
• 16-ohm input for non-transformer, multi-speaker systems (selectable via tap selector switch)
• Compounded rubber surround, plus polypropylene and polycarbonate drivers for lasting performance
• Easy wiring with plug-in connector
• Connector provides loop-through terminals for the next speaker
• Integral swing-out clamps for easy installation
• Attachment point for seismic cable (safety cable)
• Input terminal cover with knockouts and safety eyelet provides protection for connections
• Off-white textured finish easily painted to match theme decor
• Attractive, contemporary, sturdy steel grille assembly with fine perforations
• Accessory tile bridge support ring (Model TBCR, sold separately)
• Accessory 10-foot long cable kit (Model CK10, sold separately)

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