Monday, May 13, 2013

Superior Essex Cat5e Shielded Aluminum vs. Copper Shield

I recently did a video on a Essex cable with a copper shield and not to long ago I did what I though was the same cable but with a aluminum shield, let's take the red pill and dig into these cables.

The cables compared are part of the Superior Essex BBDe series of OSP (Outside Plant) cables. More specifically the part number for the aluminum is 04-601-54 and the copper is 04-601-55.

Both of these cables are designed to provide extension of the LAN beyond the premise, core is filled with a PFM gel to prevent water ingress and won't drip down in vertical cable run installations. Applications for both these cables are the same, 10BASE-T through 1000BASE-T, ATM and token ring, WiMAX cell towers.

Let's go over what the features are for both cables.

* Cat5e transmission performance to 350mhz
* Shield provides EMI/RFI prtection
* UV sunlight resistant black jacket
* Dry water block between shield and core

Let's visually look at these cables from our YouTube channel.

So these cables are the same except the shield, what shield is the correct shield for your installation? Let's compare.

Part number 04-601-54 the aluminum shield has a electrically continuous polymer coated smooth aluminum tape, applied with an overlap. Essex specifies this cable to be installed in lashed aerial, underground conduit and "low risk" direct burial installation.

Part number 04-604-55 the copper shield has a electrically continuous corrugated copper clad armor, applied with an overlap shield and flooded with a flooded compound. Where to install this cable is the same but essex specifies this cable as "rodent proof".

Certain areas are more exposed to those cute rodents so if that's a big concern for you go with the copper shield. Actually after comparing pricing per foot there's not much of a price difference, might as well install the copper shield.

"By Mercy Salinas"