Thursday, May 2, 2013

HD-SDI DVR is perfect for recoding HD brocasting TV Cameras!

I get a phone call from a local television studio looking for a solution to record four Panasonic HDX900 cameras. The catch was we need it to record a HD-SDI signal since that's what the camera output is.

We decided to install the Everfocus EPHD04. Records HD-SDI and real time 30fps.


Let's check out some of the features.

* Full HD recording and playback

* Independent HDMI main and VGA call multiplex view monitor outputs

* Two internal hard drives support up to 3TB each

* External HDD array option so you can record up to 18TB

* Control with the front panel, IR remote and optional joystick controller

* Multiple remote access: IE web access, Smart Phone and Tablet live view

* The smart search lets you quickly identify motion in areas of interest from recorded video

My customer was installing this for a Food TV show starring someone with the name of Giada De Laurentiis? I only know of Guy Fieri because people have mention to me "You remind me of that food network star, Guy Fieri."

This HD-SDI DVR worked out great for his TV show application. He did mention this was awesome because, then he talked about a ton of broadcasting lingo that I'm not familiar with but I'm glad it worked out for him. The one thing I do remember is how much he said this was a perfect application for reality TV shows. I think it'll be real cool if I can get that bounty hunter show to order one of these. I am the dog the bounty hunter!

Interested in what else this Bad Boy HD-SDI DVR can do? Check out the manual and data sheet.


"By Mercy Salinas"