Monday, May 6, 2013

How to convert HD-SDI to HDMI?

Many HD broadcasting cameras are pushing out a HD-SDI signal that needs to be viewed using a HDMI connection on the other end. You'll need a HD-SDI to HDMI convertor, these converters are compliant with the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) standard of 292M and 296M. These standards support data rates up to 1.485 Gb/s.

Everfocus model number EHA-SRX is capable of receiving HD-SDI digital video signal up to 1920x1080 resolution over 75ohm coax cable. This converter will provide a complete solution for the transmission and display of both interlaced and progressive scan HD-SDI digital video. Yes Everfocus is a security camera manufacture but don't worry, this will work for your broadcasting cameras too!

Let's get a look at it from our YouTube Channel


* Accepts HD-SDI digital video at 720p/60, 1080i/60 and 1080p/30 formats/frame rates

* Processes HD-SDI standard SMPTE 292M and 296M at 1.4585 Gb/s data rate

* Provides standard HDMI output for HD TV monitor display

* Integrated cable equalizer for long distance video transmission without loss of quality

* Capable of receiving HD-CCTV digital video over 75ohm coax cable at distanced over 100 Meters

* High quality digital video and audio transmission with zero latency

Now let's dig into the cable transmission. The EHA-SRX allows a total signal attenuation of up to 43.56 dB along the cable between devices. The actual maximum cable length depends on the attenuation characteristic of the particular cable being used. So if you have a long coax run make sure you have a kick ass quality cable so you have a lower signal attenuation.

I feel like I nailed this blog post, reminded myself of Kirk Lazarus from Tropic Thunder "I don't read the scrip, the scrip reads me."

"By Mercy Salinas"