Friday, May 4, 2012

Fiber Optic Cable Cleaver Tool Overview

The CT-10A fiber optic cleaver provides high quality cleaving at an economical price. Designed for cleaving single fiber only, this cleaver is best suited for the installation of field installable connectors and mechanical splices. The rugged yet scaled-down design offer cleave quality approaching that of more expensive high precision cleavers. The long-life, 16-position fat diamond blade is easily replaced by the end user and performs cleaving operation in one single step. An optional scrap collector can be purchased separately.

• Dedicated for single fiber cleaving
• User replaceable flat diamond blade
• Simple and single-step operation
• Blade life up to 64,000 cleaves
• Compact and light weight
• Detachable fiber scrap collector FC-03 available as option

Applicable Fiber: Conventional silica optical fiber
Fiber Count: Single fiber
Coating Diameter: 250µm to 900µm
Cladding Diameter: 125µm
Cleave Length:
6 to 20 mm (with AD-10 & coating = 250µm)
8 to 20mm (with AD-10 & coating > 250µm)
10mm (with FH-50/60 fiber holders)
Cleave Angle: Capability Typically 0.5˚
Dimensions: (W x D x H) 71mm x 88mm x 48mm (2.8" x 3.5" x 1.9")
Weight: 220g (0.48 lbs)

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"Author: Mercy Salinas"