Friday, May 25, 2012

How to Test an HDMI Cable?

Recently we had a contractor customer ask us, "What do you have for testing HDMI cables?" I then asked if he was making his own and if so I have a tester in mind but he had a couple of concerns. The first was that the end user provided the cable and wanted to make sure the cable worked properly since if there was a problem the customer may point the finger to him and not the cable. Second being that the cable was going to be pulled through a conduit and he wanted to make sure that the connectors were not damaged during the pull.

We recommended the Greenlee Data Shark HDMI Cable Tester.

The Greenlee DataShark HDMI cable tester can test for proper continuity before installation. Also a great diagnostic tool for checking cables already installed. The 1 piece design splits into 2 pieces a transmitter and receiver. The 9 LED readout is easy and very fast to read.

The contractor checked it out and for the price, it was well worth putting another tester into his collection.

"By Mercy Salinas"