Monday, July 1, 2013

Coax Cable or Fiber Optic Cable for your HD-SDI HDTV signal

We've been getting more involved with broadcasting lately and I've been bumping into the HD-SDI SMPTE 292M standard. I thought these two videos shed some good light on the matter, the coax video compares three of our most popular broadcasting coaxial cable and how far a HD-SDI signal can be carried over each cable. The second video is an overview of a broadcast deployable fiber cable for harsh environments such as laying on a football field sideline during a snowstorm, being stepped on, coiled and uncoiled and whatever else the broadcasting life throws at it.

I'm glad the Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers have been working so hard over the past few years on establishing these standards. I love high definition television, especially when watching the NFL.

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"By Mercy Salinas"