Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What type of cable should you use for your security cameras?

As you know security cameras are everywhere, have you ever wanted to know what kind of cable they use? The most common cable installed is a "Siamese Cable" that consist of a RG59 coax cable for the camera signal and a 18 gauge 2 conductor cable for the power. The jacket on the "Siamese Cable" covers both of these different cables now making it one cable and easier to pull and install.

When the 2 cables have to split at the security digital video recorder the RG59 cable gets terminated with a BNC male coax connector and the 18/2 cable attaches to a power supply. If you have multiple cameras that need power you might want to consider installing a master power supply to help keep your installation clean and organized.

It's cool how the master power supply has a fuse for each channel in case of a surge in power, you pop the fuse not your camera.

"By Mercy Salinas"