Tuesday, February 5, 2013

AFL Fujikura 12S Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer

Finally! A new fusion splicer to brag about, over the past few years fusion splicers have come around but they've all had that boring, bulky and dull nothing to see here feeling to them. The new Fujikura 12S is, kinda sexy.

This new fusion splicer is now the smallest, lightest and most portable splicer in the world! The chassis features shock, dust and moister protection, excellent for those rugged fiber optic cable installations.

The two camera observation system provides for accurate fiber optic alignment and loss estimation calculations.

Weighing less than two pounds and a footprint of 6 inches by 5 inches this provides an awesome level of flexibility in the most demanding splicing environments. The big 4.5 inch monitor is scratch resistant and is viewable in direct sunlight! You can update the software via the internet and I really enjoyed the long battery life, you can get up to 100 splice cycles which include the application of the splice protection sleeve!

Sold in three different ways. You can purchase the 12S fusion splicer without a cleaver. Part number S015521 .

You can also purchase the 12S with a CT-10 cleaver. Part number S015530 .

If your looking for a cleaver that will also do ribbon fiber then you'll want part number S015522 and that includes the top dog cleaver, the CT-30.

All three part numbers include the transit case, screwdriver, battery pack, alcohol container and other items.

It's a real cool fusion splicer and the pricing is excellent. For more information on the 12S Fusion Splicer you can contact Mercy Salinas at 888-797-3697 extension 232. If you have a quick question you can also comment below. Thanks!

"By Mercy Salinas"