Friday, April 2, 2010

How To Terminate Unicam SC Fiber Connectors

Corning UniCam SC Connectors are a great solution for any fiber installer. Their ease of use make them ideal for beginners and professionals alike. Besides Pre-Terminated fiber optic cable, these connectors are the next easiest solution. Traditional fiber connectors required a multitude of tools and what seemed like an endless amount of steps required to finish just 1 strand of fiber. The UniCam connectors require only 2 minutes per strand, saving you in overall labor costs. Let's take a look at the video: How To Terminate Corning UniCam SC Fiber Connectors

Check out the other labor saving fiber optic connectors we offer by AFL Telecommunications: FAST Fiber Optic Connectors

The FAST fiber connectors from AFL Telecommunications are similar to the UniCam connectors, but actually require fewer steps. Available in ST, SC and LC models, with options for 62.5/125, 50/125, Singlemode, or 10G Laser Optimized 50/125 fibers. To order any of these products, click the links above or visit

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