Monday, September 21, 2009

IDEAL Industries 61-844 Thermal Imager

The IDEAL Industries 61-844 Thermal Imager is this weeks Featured Product. What it is and what it's used for:

Troubleshoot and identify potential problems before they happen with the IDEAL HeatSeeker™ Thermal Imager. What makes HeatSeeker so useful are the dual cursors that instantly locate the hottest and coldest temperatures on a live screen, and the camera’s ability to overlay a thermal image on top of a digital image for easy on-the-job decision making. HeatSeeker’s easy set-up and operation make it a cost effective tool for electrical service, industrial maintenance and building inspection.

• Blended thermal/digital image
• Hottest/coldest temperatures displayed
instantly on live screen
• 1,849 temperature measurements
live on camera screen
• Class II Laser
• Built-in LED illuminator
• High and low temperature alarms
• Mark images with text and voice annotation
• Measurement range of 14° F to 660° F
• Adjustable emissivity for maximum accuracy
• Accuracy of +/- 2% or +/- 4° F
• 6-hour battery life
• Tripod mountable
• Carrying case included
• ThermalVision PC software included
• 2-year warranty
• Adjustable Blended View for Ease of Use:
The HeatSeeker captures both a full infrared image and a digital photo. The thermal image can be overlaid on top of the digital image in various % blends for clarity.

Provides real-time analysis and is ideal for:

Electrical Safety
• Identifies overloaded circuits,loose/corroded connections and failing breakers in electrical panels
• Identifies blown fuses, overloads, phase imbalance and harmonics problems
• Identifies hot spots from high resistance connections

Energy Efficiency
• Identifies inefficient heating and cooling transfer
• Identifies draft sources from missing insulation in rafters/walls/floors
• Identification of problem areas helps reduce heat gain/loss and carbon footprint

Building Maintenance
• Discovers sources of moisture in roofs and areas behind walls
• Checks air distribution for blockages in pipes, damaged duct work and insulation gaps
• Checks fluid distribution for stuck valves and burst pipes

Preventive Maintenance
• Identifies equipment efficiencies/inefficiencies
• Applications include motors, pumps, boilers, radiators, heaters, chillers and transformers

 Screen Features:
 Adjustable LCD brightness
 • Hot/cold temperatures and difference (∅)
 • 6 hour battery life
 • Microphone records voice annotations
 • Speaker
 • Cursors continuously find hottest and coldest temperatures
 • Easy-to-use navigation and set-up keys

What You Get:
• USB Cable
• Camera Handle
• Carrying Case
• Power Supply
• ThermalVision Software

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