Monday, June 22, 2009

Front Termination 12-port Cat 5e Patch Panel by Dynacom

This weeks Featured Product is a Dynacom Front Termination 12-port Cat 5e Patch Panel. This unique patch panel allows you to punch down your cable on the front of the block, instead of a tradition rear panel block. Cable enters through the back, or through cable knockouts on the sides and ends.

This is ideal for supporting data installations (CAT-5/5e) for your home office or small business. Easy cover removal allows for fast access for adds, moves and changes. The panel has knock outs on the top, bottom and side. You can also run the cable straight in the middle as the panel has a opening in the center inside. Need to fit this in a tight space? You can install this panel without the 89D bracket as the inside has screw holes to mount it directly to the wall. If you plan on doing adds, moves or changes often, then this panel is perfect for you. Contractor rated Grade A Quality.


568B configurations
UL approved
Front access to 110 blocks
ID strips with removable window
Mounting options
Category 5e
Multiple cable entries
GB89D mounting bracket included

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