Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Direct burial cable for security camera system wiring installation

For most camera wiring installations the pathway of your signal cable is indoors and a small part of that cable run may be exposed outdoors. That's why most cctv camera cables have a general purpose with a sunlight resistant rating to them. But what if you need to extend that cable to a pole far away and you need to bury the cable run?

You'll need a direct burial cable. Let's check out one of our most popular cables for this type of application.

It's important to install a quality cable for a few reasons.

The jacket construction will last for a very long time, the lifetime of a quality cable should last the lifetime of a few security cameras at the location.

Quality copper and a true copper center conductor will allow for a signal to travel a long distance. Since your looking for a direct burial cable your probably doing long cable runs. Low end cables are passing off copper clad aluminum as a bare copper conductor, it's very hard to see but you might find out the hard way. And you wonder why it was so cheap, next thing you know you have a poor signal and the camera image won't come up.

Just a quick tip, if your installing IR cameras at a long distance you probably should install a 24V camera and power supply. You don't want those IR's to turn on in the evening and lose your image signal.

"By Mercy Salinas"