Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Everfocus IP camera EHN vandal proof serise overview

You know this camera means business as soon as you pick it up, the weight and strength of the metal housing is impressive and it can also handle the pounding of a ten pound sledge hammer.

The screws that keep the enclosure closed are a different pattern so your phillips, flat head or allen pattern won't open it. The cable glad has 3 openings for cable and you can easily attach your conduit and tighten it for a weatherproof solution, you can also unscrew the back knockout and run cable that way.

Another feature I'm really digging is the two way audio and the 3 to 9mm vari-focal lens should have a perfect monitor screen shot if your looking for a wide field of view. I just wanted to vouch for the construction of this camera for a IP weather rated outdoor solution. Check out how to network this camera and I'm sure it's something you can't handle.

"By Mercy Salinas"