Friday, January 6, 2012

Signamax KJMT-8600 Keystone Jack 4 pair Termination Tool

Today Jeaneth Mora from Signmax shows us a cool tool that cuts and terminates all 4 pairs at the same time. Here's a video with Jeaneth showing us how this new tool works.

Thanks Jeaneth for the excellent presentation. So lets check out the features of this tool one last time.

*Simultaneous termination of eight twisted-pair conductors along with conductor excess trimming

*Comfortable plastic handle grips

*Lightweight and compact, fits most tool pouches' compartments

*Replaceable die

*Tool and die are bright-colored - easy to find when left behind

*When not used, the tool may be stowed by using the integrated lock

Simultaneous termination of all eight twisted-pair cable conductors along with trimming of conductor excess saves installation time, provides reliable termination in confined areas, while ensuring precise and consistent termination of all pairs due to the calibrated die drive mechanism. With a quality brand like Signamax you know your going to print out excellent test results.

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