Friday, December 2, 2011

DirecTV RG6 Cable for D2 Advantage Technology

About a week ago I received a phone call from one of our good contractor customers who has a large upcoming project for a international hotel chain. He needed an RG6 coaxial cable for new DirecTV technology called D2 advantage. We looked into this new technology a bit more so we can get a better feel for the appropriate cable.

After researching it a bit more, D2 technology reduces the cost of installation of the DBS service in apartments, hotels and large muti-unit dwellings. D2 uses a centralized signal distribution system that delivers DirecTV service to each tenant without the need of attaching a Dish to each tenant. All the resident needs is a set top box! So far, D2 technology has been tested in Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles and Boise. Everything appears to be working excellent with a larger roll out next year.

Wow! Sounds kinda cool that tenants in all these types of buildings can now get DirecTV, and my personal favorite, NFL Ticket.

Let's see what Mike Olson, V.P. of MDU sales for DirecTV had to say. "DirecTV D2 advantage's lower installation cost, and it's ability to be used across the entire portfolio of MDU properties, fundamentally changes the game in the MDU market and has opened up a huge opportunity for us. The equipment is unobtrusive, easy to install and we require no investment by the property owner. And by lowering our cost on equipment and installation, we're able to enter this market with a business model that makes sense and will be profitable. It also provides a much needed solution for the undeserved, small MDU property market."

With this new technology delivered to the tenant what DirecTV programming will they have access to? Apparently quite a bit:

* More than 160 full time HD channels
* DirecTV Whole-Home DVR services
* DirecTV Cinemaplus
* DirecTV MediaShare (View your photos and videos on the TV)
* International services

If your a property owner reading this right now, your probably asking yourself how to apply for this new technology, especially since property owners are entitled to a cash bonus by DirecTV for a limited time.

* Owners of these types of building should provide their individual details including name, tax ID number.

* Provide details about the property such as the location number of units and the who's in charge of the property (owner or manager)

* Then you should check out the "Owner right of entry" to accept the terms with DirecTV. Here's a link to DirecTV for more information

After investing our time, we now have a better understanding of what our RG6 Coaxial cable is delivering. Keep in mind there are also other things you need to know during installation in order to deliver a proper signal to these new set top boxes.

If your a new cable installer, you need to be certified and you should be able to:

* Identify all of the components of the D2 Advantage distribution system

* Understand the differences between the D2 Advantage distribution system and standard satellite distribution system

* Explain the importance of using high frequency components

* Read system design specifications for D2 Advantage technology

* Properly install D2 Advantage distribution for both satellite and off-air reception

* Balance the system to ensure proper operation

* Effectively troubleshoot D2 Advantage systems

If your interested in taking a certified course, check out SBCA National Standards & Testing Program at

Finally, back to the RG6 coaxial cable. After a long conversation with a DirecTV engineer and the instillation contractor, we narrowed down a cable that would fit the need for proper delivery for D2.

You can order online along with other types of coaxial cables, Cat5e, Fiber optic and much more. If you have a Hotel or Apartment coax cable installation project coming up, contact us for project pricing at 888-797-3697.