Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Google Ultra High Speed Fiber Project Kansas City, KS

Google ultra high speed gigabit ethernet fiber optic project awarded to Kansas City, KS

Google Kansas City Fiber Project

Google announces their ultra high speed fiber optic project will take place in Kansas City, KS. "In selecting a city, our goal was to find a location where we could build efficiently, make an impact on the community and develop relationships with local government and community organizations. We’ve found this in Kansas City. We’ll be working closely with local organizations including the Kauffman Foundation, KCNext and the University of Kansas Medical Center to help develop the gigabit applications of the future."

They say the project could start bringing ultra high speed internet service by 2012. This would deliver 100 times faster internet speeds than most Americans have today. People will be able to stream videos and music downloads much faster, businesses can perform video conferencing without delay and schools can bring online interaction to the classrooms. Google says, "We’ve heard from some communities that they’re disappointed not to have been selected for our initial build. So just to reiterate what I've said many times in interviews: we're so thrilled by the interest we've generated—today is the start, not the end the project. And over the coming months, we'll be talking to other interested cities about the possibility of us bringing ultra high-speed broadband to their communities."

You can read the full article at the Official Google Blog: Ultra High-speed broadband is coming to Kansas City, Kansas

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